Let's Start With The Free Stuff...

  • FREE Diagnostic Code Scans

  • FREE A/C & Brake Checks

  • FREE Maintenance Check​s

  • FREE Concierge Service (we shuttle you to/from home/work*, loaner car with major repair [when available])

Who We Are & Our Mission...

We are a great mix of small-town garage meets large state-of-the-art shop with all the technology (& then some) to fix your problem right, quick, the first time.  And since we are family-owned, we don't have the corporate price-tag.  We also stand by our work with no hassle.  You get to talk to your mechanic & the owner directly with no "middle man".  You can depend on us like a friend: with integrity, honesty, & courtesy...even some laughs & sharing good stories.

We aren't the cheapest, but we aren't the most expensive either. We are fair-priced, but you also get what you pay for... You get the best bang for your buck & time by repairing your vehicle with us.  Get it done right the first time - no guessing, "throwing parts" at an issue, wasting your time going back & forth to a shop...or worse, a mis-diagnosis & the shop won't refund any money.  It's rare that we have a customer come back for a mistake, but we're human...if/when it happens, we make it right immediately.

Although we operate during traditional 8am-6pm, Monday thru Friday - we accept drop-offs 24/7 (just call/text us ahead, so we know to expect it).  If you have an urgent repair that must be finished on a Saturday, we can arrange that.  Unlike corporate shops, we answer our phone or texts as long as we are awake - so you can speak to a professional about your vehicle situation if/when the need arises.

*Within a 10-mile radius of our shop.


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