What Makes Us Different?

Let's Start With The Free Stuff...

  • FREE Diagnostic Code Scans

  • FREE A/C & Brake Checks

  • FREE Maintenance Check​s

  • FREE Concierge Service (we shuttle you to/from home/work*, loaner car with major repair [when available])

Who We Are & Our Mission...

We are a great mix of small-town garage meets large state-of-the-art shop with all the technology (& then some) to fix your problem right, quick, the first time.  And since we are family-owned, we don't have the corporate price-tag.  We also stand by our work with no hassle.  You get to talk to your mechanic & the owner directly with no "middle man".  You can depend on us like a friend: with integrity, honesty, & courtesy...even some laughs & sharing good stories.

We aren't the cheapest, but we aren't the most expensive either. We are fair-priced, but you also get what you pay for... You get the best bang for your buck & time by repairing your vehicle with us.  Get it done right the first time - no guessing, "throwing parts" at an issue, wasting your time going back & forth to a shop...or worse, a mis-diagnosis & the shop won't refund any money.  It's rare that we have a customer come back for a mistake, but we're human...if/when it happens, we make it right immediately.

Although we operate during traditional 8am-6pm, Monday thru Friday - we accept drop-offs 24/7 (just call/text us ahead, so we know to expect it).  If you have an urgent repair that must be finished on a Saturday, we can arrange that.  Unlike corporate shops, we answer our phone or texts as long as we are awake - so you can speak to a professional about your vehicle situation if/when the need arises.

*Within a 10-mile radius of our shop.







General Repairs,
Specialist Repairs,
 & Computer Programming

Full range of maintenance services for any make or model vehicle (car or truck)

The latest & greatest in technology (coupled with experience) to properly & quickly diagnose

"Bulletproofing", Studding, SCT-Tuner (Tuning), & More!



Gary Corson is your old school friendly and honest neighborhood mechanic coupled with the latest and greatest in knowledge and technology that can get the job done right the first time and works his hardest to get it back to you quickly.  The only thing that can hold him back is waiting on a special-order part! 


Gary has well over 20 years experience in auto mechanics, and is an ASE Certified L1 Advanced Master Auto Technician with additional certifications in Advanced Engine Performance, Diesel, and Hybrid.  He has worked as many titles in his career: manager, shop foreman, service advisor, mechanic, shop owner - just to name a few... Because of that he has learned various skills, techniques, how to treat customers, as well as being extremely thorough in looking over and inspecting a vehicle for maintenance needs or issues...all the way to making sure his finished product is complete and properly done.  He also stands behind his repair work; if anything for some reason isn't right - he'll make it right without hesitation.


Folks come from all over just to have him diagnose, repair, and maintain their vehicles - all years, makes, models...  His claim to fame is properly diagnosing and repairing vehicles that are "hard to diagnose" or have been "mis-diagnosed".  In addition, since he has and is fully trained in various technologies; he can diagnose and repair all computer and electrical issues.  He also is about the best if not the best diesel mechanic in the area.  He not only repairs diesels but can also "bulletproof" engines, stud heads, SCT-tuner installs, tuning - among other performance related items.  


On Gary's days off, you'll find him spending time with his wife Julie and 2 boys, off-roading, traveling, or at church.  Feel free to give Gary a call or come by to chat or ask any questions!



475 County Road 180

Cedar Park, TX 78641


(call or text to drop-off 24/7)



Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

(urgent repairs only on weekends)

*If the shop door is closed during these hours, please come on in - we keep it closed because we have AC & Heat.

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